Thanks, Danke, Gracias, Merci, Much Obliged.

All words that can be used in this situation. I’ve spent that last weeks or so beyond busy at work and trying to think of what to say. Every year we do this, every year i write a thank you and every year it never seems like enough.

Thank you, People of the internet, that i know or don’t know in real life. Without your support none of this is possible. We would be a group of people playing video games by ourselves trying to figure out where we went wrong and how to give back to the community in which we live and play. You have supported us every year for 4(!) years now. Every year this is done and every year it gets more and more popular. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh my lovely Christina. you have been more supportive and helpful then i could have ever asked you. You rearrange your already hectic life for this event.  You listen to my pre CP worrying/concerns and assure me that everything is going to be ok. And just like you say every year, it is in fact ok and everything goes well. For this i thank you my loving team mate.

The Sorgs. Man, The Sorgs. You two also rearrange your lives for this. Mike staying up with me for the whole event, hanging out in the wee hours of the morning and acting completely ridiculous with me to stay awake. Missy, teaming up with Chris to make sure I eat and drink more than just caffeine.

Joe Wos at the Toonseum, for opening the doors of the place and letting us take over for the majority of the weekend. Making sure that we have everything we need.

Sure, Its called Chachi Plays, and i play for 24 hours, but when its all said and done the event would be absolutely nothing with out the everyone mentioned above. So take your bow, accept your applause. You’ve done good.
Just about 1700 dollars will be split between 2 worthy organizations. All because of you.

Thank You.


Thank You!!!

While I’m sure Chachi is working on a thank you of his own after he catches up on some sleep following this year’s Chachi Plays, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved for another great event

Chachi Plays 2014
Chachi Plays 2014

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who donated – both via PayPal and in person during the event.  Without you, we’d just be a bunch of folks playing video games in a public setting.  Thanks to your  donations we can help share the arts with Pittsburgh youth – and make a difference in kids’ lives.

Thanks to The Toonseum for again opening their doors and giving us a roof over our heads, some outlets to plug into, and a place to call “home” for 24 hours.  Thanks also to the awesome Toonseum volunteers and family who always make us feel at home during the event.

And thanks to the team – Chachi for foregoing sleep to play 24 hours of video games to raise funds and awareness for local kids, Sorg for capturing each minute of those 24 hours through the live video stream and the post-editing to create the time lapse version (which will be uploaded in the coming weeks for those who are interested in viewing a sped up version of the video stream), Chris for being an awesome tournament master and for helping manage some of the behind-the-scenes moving parts throughout the event, and everyone who has blogged, tweeted, facebooked, stopped by and otherwise offered support in the weeks and days before the event, during the event, and following the event.

Show Your Twitter Support for Chachi Plays

We’ve done this in years past.  And, it’s always been a fun show of support.  We’re asking folks to change their Twitter avatar to show their love for their favorite video game characters.  Whether it’s old school Mario & Luigi or new school Altier, show us your inner gamer between 7:00 p.m. tonight and 7:00 p.m. tomorrow!

Today’s The Day – Chachi Plays 2014

All the hard work Chachi and the rest of the crew have been doing over the past couple of months comes down to today. We’ll be setting up shop at The Toonseum this evening, kicking off this year’s Chachi Plays event.

You can continue to donate through the site – we have folks who will continue to monitor donations.  You can also stop by and make donations in person.   We still have some spots available for game play, too.  You can talk to us about those available slots at The Toonseum or reach out to us via twitter at @chachiplays.


Even Jagoffs Have a Soft Spot

Chachi has gotten to know quite a few people over the years.  Those of you in the Pittsburgh area (and some of you in other areas) know what we’re talking about when we say Ya Jagoff.  You probably also know about the Best of the Burgh Blog: Ya Jagoff.  Our friend over there shared this post about Chachi Plays on his site.  (Thanks Ya Jagoff!)

9th grade as promised

Well i said i would post an embarrassing picture for every $250 we got up until 10 pm this evening and you have reached the first milestone. Here is 9th grade picture day chachi in all his glory.

Please laugh quietly.



So i have this envelope.



In this envelope are 4 pictures that my parents love to bring out whenever they feel it necessary to embarrass the hell out of me.  Which is every time. Lets be honest that’s what parents do.  Now my parents have copies still of these photos which should show how much they like to  use them. These are the originals, kept in this envelope, away from prying eyes.

Heres the deal. We are 8 days away from Chahci plays 4 and i’d like to raise more money. So despite my wanting to leave these hidden, Im scanning them right now into electronic form. You want them? I want $1000 dollars in donations by Tomorrow at 10 pm.  Every time we raise $250 dollars ill give you a picture. With the final one being the baby picture.



18 hour slots available still at $50 a pop

23 tournament slots available at $25 a pop.

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