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Thank You!!!

While I’m sure Chachi is working on a thank you of his own after he catches up on some sleep following this year’s Chachi Plays, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved for another great event

Chachi Plays 2014
Chachi Plays 2014

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who donated – both via PayPal and in person during the event.  Without you, we’d just be a bunch of folks playing video games in a public setting.  Thanks to your  donations we can help share the arts with Pittsburgh youth – and make a difference in kids’ lives.

Thanks to The Toonseum for again opening their doors and giving us a roof over our heads, some outlets to plug into, and a place to call “home” for 24 hours.  Thanks also to the awesome Toonseum volunteers and family who always make us feel at home during the event.

And thanks to the team – Chachi for foregoing sleep to play 24 hours of video games to raise funds and awareness for local kids, Sorg for capturing each minute of those 24 hours through the live video stream and the post-editing to create the time lapse version (which will be uploaded in the coming weeks for those who are interested in viewing a sped up version of the video stream), Chris for being an awesome tournament master and for helping manage some of the behind-the-scenes moving parts throughout the event, and everyone who has blogged, tweeted, facebooked, stopped by and otherwise offered support in the weeks and days before the event, during the event, and following the event.

Show Your Twitter Support for Chachi Plays

We’ve done this in years past.  And, it’s always been a fun show of support.  We’re asking folks to change their Twitter avatar to show their love for their favorite video game characters.  Whether it’s old school Mario & Luigi or new school Altier, show us your inner gamer between 7:00 p.m. tonight and 7:00 p.m. tomorrow!

Today’s The Day – Chachi Plays 2014

All the hard work Chachi and the rest of the crew have been doing over the past couple of months comes down to today. We’ll be setting up shop at The Toonseum this evening, kicking off this year’s Chachi Plays event.

You can continue to donate through the site – we have folks who will continue to monitor donations.  You can also stop by and make donations in person.   We still have some spots available for game play, too.  You can talk to us about those available slots at The Toonseum or reach out to us via twitter at @chachiplays.


Even Jagoffs Have a Soft Spot

Chachi has gotten to know quite a few people over the years.  Those of you in the Pittsburgh area (and some of you in other areas) know what we’re talking about when we say Ya Jagoff.  You probably also know about the Best of the Burgh Blog: Ya Jagoff.  Our friend over there shared this post about Chachi Plays on his site.  (Thanks Ya Jagoff!)

Everyone Wants to Be A Superhero

Today, folks here in Pittsburgh are participating in the Superhero 5K/1K Walk/Run.  I’m seeing all sorts of fantastic photos in my twitter feed from Mikey and Bob, including the one set as the featured image of this post (which I stole from Mikey’s twitter feed…).

Seeing all those folks dressed up as superheroes made me realize how much of a superhero Chachi is.  He raises funds and awareness for local kids – kids who other people may have written off for one reason or another.  Kids who, because of no fault of their own, are at a disadvantage.  The point is – they’re kids! Just like the two little girls having so much fun dressed as superheroes in that feature image.

In summary – through funds raised during Chachi Plays, Chachi gets to be a sort of superhero.  By helping Chachi raise those funds (by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top of the page) you get to be a superhero too!  If you donate at one of the game play levels, we’ll even let you dress up like a superhero for your game time with Chachi during the event on May 9-10!


Burgh Baby Sharing Some Love

Although Chachi’s obviously not a mommy blogger (or a daddy blogger – that I’m aware of) we do know a few writers.  We know how busy they are, and it still humbles us when they make time to help share some of the awesome we try to do with Chachi Plays.  Our friend Burgh Baby shared this post over on her site.  (Thanks BB!)