Why the arts?

People raise money for all sorts of things now a days, and thats beyond awesome. I try to support as many as possible whenever possible. I however choose to raise money for the arts. Art programs of all types are constantly losing funding all over the country. Kids everywhere are losing out on the opportunity to participate in art programs that will help them perform better in all aspects of their lives.

Kids who participate in art programs of any type are:

– 4 times as likely to be recognized for academic achievement

– 3 times as likely to be recognized for school attendance.

– Read for pleasure nearly twice as often

– Perform community service more than four times as often

– helps all students develop more appreciation and understanding of the world around them

– helps students develop a positive work ethic and pride in a job well done

– can help troubled youth, providing an alternative to destructive behavior and another way for students to approach learning

Just to name a few positive aspects of participating in any kind of art program. When budgets get balanced and shortfalls come in, The arts are usually the first to go. That’s why its important for other organizations to step in but the money isn’t always there and they too depend on help. Which is where i come in!

Chachi Plays is a way for me to put my gaming time to good use. I play for 24 hours for donations that all go to art programs each and every donation is appreciated and welcome! Just click the donate button at the top and help us out please! AND! as a bonus:

A Donation of $50 dollars or more gets you a slot to come down in person and play a game of your choice with me! Hang out, chat a bit and have some fun.

A donation of $25 dollars or more gets you an entry in one of three tournaments that we hold through out the 24 hours! Tetris, Mario Kart or Street Fighter are the games, do you have what it takes? Prove it! Place in the top 3 and win one of the custom Chachi Plays medals seen here!


Hit that donate button and toss a few bucks in the bucket!

– Chachi

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