Everyone Wants to Be A Superhero

Today, folks here in Pittsburgh are participating in the Superhero 5K/1K Walk/Run.  I’m seeing all sorts of fantastic photos in my twitter feed from Mikey and Bob, including the one set as the featured image of this post (which I stole from Mikey’s twitter feed…).

Seeing all those folks dressed up as superheroes made me realize how much of a superhero Chachi is.  He raises funds and awareness for local kids – kids who other people may have written off for one reason or another.  Kids who, because of no fault of their own, are at a disadvantage.  The point is – they’re kids! Just like the two little girls having so much fun dressed as superheroes in that feature image.

In summary – through funds raised during Chachi Plays, Chachi gets to be a sort of superhero.  By helping Chachi raise those funds (by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top of the page) you get to be a superhero too!  If you donate at one of the game play levels, we’ll even let you dress up like a superhero for your game time with Chachi during the event on May 9-10!


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