Chachi Plays for kids 5.

It’s later than normal for this, I know. However, I’ve done a lot of thinking and considering as to whether or not Chachi Plays would happen this year or not. Consulted my people and mulled it over. I’m not really going to go into why but I have come to a conclusion….

Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado here are the details you’ve waiting for!

Date: August 7th and 8th.

Time: 7 pm to 7 pm

Place: Toonseum

Benefits: Toonseum and The Father Ryan Arts Center

Goal: $2400

The donation collection will begin on the 15th!

You know the deal, 24 hours in the event, 24 slots to fill. $50 dollars a slot. There will only be 1 tournament this year to be announced later!

About Toonseum:

The ToonSeum is an independent non-profit museum. They are one of the very few completely independent arts venues in downtown Pittsburgh and one of only a handful of cartoon oriented museums in all of the United States. They  are a museum for those who love comics and cartoons.

About Father Ryan Art Center:

The Father Ryan Arts Center creates opportunities for the community and the individual to be inspired, empowered and enlightened through the arts.

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