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Official Coffee supplier of Chachi Plays 5!

We here are happy to announce that the official coffee supplier of Chachi Plays 5 is Anchor and Anvil! They stepped up and offered their energy services to the Chachi Plays team for the 24 hour event.

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A little bit about Anchor and Anvil:

“Anchor and Anvil Coffee Bar is a proud member of the Ben Avon and Avonworth communities. We are located at 7221 Church Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15202. In addition to our blog site here, we’re also posting regularly on Twitter and Facebook.

We serve coffee and other drinks. We make delicious snacks, soups and sandwiches.

We work and live in a wonderful area. We’re happy to be a part of it. We hope you’ll join us.”

Thanks to them for helping us out!

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