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It begins! – Chachi Plays 4

The donate button is there! Its live! Why so early you ask? Well this year for Chachi Plays 4 we are going huge. This goal is larger than the first two years combined. Go big or go home right?  24 hours in the day 24 hour long time slots that can be yours  for the donation of 50 dollars or more.  We will also have 3 tournaments again this year. Tetris, Mario kart and Street Fighter or Tekken.(Games will be decided soon).

Once again the donations for this year’s event  will be split between The Toonseum and Dreams of Hopes both arts organizations in the Pittsburgh provide community outreach using the arts and as non-profits need donations to continue providing creative artistic outlets to those who may not be able to find their own.

All donations big and small are appreciated and can be left by clicking the donate button! Can’t make a donation? No worries! I still appreciate you reading this and if you can help spread the word that is useful as well! Our goal this year is $7500 and we can use all the help we can get!

Thank you so much and let’s make this year’s event the best!