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Adding so much to Chachi Plays!

Friends we are just 3 short days away from this year’s Chachi plays event! 3 days! We are about halfway to this year’s goal of $2400. Let’s run down some of the things that we have announced happening so far.

As usual we have the hour slots available. Still lots to fill! At a donation of 50 dollars one of these can be yours!

Tournaments! Friday at 8pm we have the 4th Tetris tournament! 25 dollar entry and you can show off your line clearing skills!

Saturday at 2 pm we have the 3rd annual Mario kart tournament! Turtle shell your way to victory over the other entries in the cart of your choice! Also 25 dollar entry with spots still open!

This year we are adding additional forms of entertainment for you to enjoy! Friday night we have hoopers and twirlers showing off their skills(outside of course) from 7-9 pm!

Emily Claire Daversa – makes everyone’s delicious burritos. I’ve only been hula hooping for roughly four months, but find it to be a relaxing and fun form of expression. I also cosplay casually, and find myself going to five or more anime conventions each year. The reason I’m helping out with this is because It’s always a pleasure to help out around town and contribute towards making a difference.

 Katie Dudas – twirler, social media nut ball. Tall.

Costume Contest from 10 – 1 on Saturday! Come dressed as your favorite whatever and enter this fun addition to Chachi Plays! Judging will happen at 12:45 pm!


Chris “Chance” Brown will be doing custom artwork at the ToonSeum from 1-3 for anyone who comes down and interested!



Chris “Chance!” Brown is a weird dude. Doing comics, animation and graphics for various ad campaigns for close to a decade will do that. He’s also taught fine arts and animation for a while, and has filled in on art and writing for various webcomics.


And to wrap it up starting at 5 during our “zombie hours” we will have a zombification station where you can be painted up Like a zombie as we cruise into the end of the event dragging ourselves to the finish!

Adding so many reasons for you to come down to the Toonseum and hang out with us during the event! hopefully with more to come!

If you are interested in a tournament entry or an hour slot(fill in the notes section with your request) or just want to help hit the donate button below!